Friday, January 1, 2010

Updates from Kenya

Sorry about the delay of this update, but I (chad) have had limited internet connectivity. But here is everything I've heard from the team so far:

The team arrived in Chicago and O'Hare International with no problems, and they were able to meet up with April Marzullo as planned. The only hiccup at the airport was that American Airlines charged them $50 per bag for each of the second checked bags. Fortunately they learned that we can get that money reimbursed from American when they return by simply calling American's sales office. They were all able to sit together on the plane from Chicago to London. I haven't heard anything from the team about their time in London, but they did arrive in Nairobi on time and with all checked and carried on bags!! A huge answer to our prayers. But even better...they were able to make it through customs without any trouble. Praise God!

The only questions I've had so far from the team have been regarding money, there were some surprise budgetary questions that came up about paying the in-country Doctor that will be with them during the clinic. Please pray that the chemist (pharmacy) will donate his time like they did last year.

Kaesha is the churches new year's eve service. It lasts full 24 hours and doesn't end until early on New Year's Morning. The team participated and Kaesha and had a great time! On New Year's Eve they were also able to buy all of the medicine they needed to start the clinic and some of them were able to go into homes throughout the community doing repairs to some of the slum homes. I'm sure this was a huge blessing to the folks they worked with!

Hopefully they team will get a brief moment to stop at the Internet Cafe to post the next update but if not, I'll do my best to keep everyone posted as I receive updates via the GOYA phone.

Please keep the team in your prayers and PLEASE be praying about the lives that will be effected by their work throughout the community in Mitumba. Pray for healing, both physically and spiritually and pray that the people of Mitumba that don't know the lord will see the Love and Hope of Christ through the work that our team and the REM staff are doing there.

Chad (on behalf of the 2010 GOYA Medical Team)


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