Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update from the lone one

Well the team left the other day and I am here by myself... but technically I'm not on my own. The teachers from the school are walking me home every day and Kristin (from TX) will be staying at the YMCA with me Thursday night through Sunday night.

I'm assisting Kristin by teaching creative arts and also helping her in the school clinic-which is basically acting as the school nurse.

I talked to Pastor Shadrack, and I will be working on doing some type of womens ministry with some of the women living in Mitumba. I'm currently working on that.

I had a professor who graciously offered to extend my trip by an extra 6 days, but unfortunately, the charges for the flight would be $600 extra... so that wont work out. So I'll enjoy my final 2 weeks here.

I've been doing some praying and I feel like God is asking me to continue my Peacecorps application. I started it around October or so, and I'm feeling confirmation from him that doing that is my next step after my trip.

Please pray for my safety and protection while I'm here. These teachers are like my brothers and I feel incredibly safe when I'm with them. Also, Pray for the womens ministry.

Much love!
Dr. Stacy


  1. Dear Stacy:
    We are sure happy you did not choose Haiti to visit.
    Stacy's Grandmother had her hip replaced on Thursday. Grandma is doing very well and hope to be at the nursing home in a couple days.
    Grandma sends her Love to Stacy.

    All for now.
    Mom and Dad

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