Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday 23rd update

In Kenya, you must be flexible... because everything changes at the blink of an eye!

I was unable to go to the park with the kids because I guess there was a headcount done a while ago and there was no room to fit one more person. So instead, I went into the city with Jacob and his friend Boiz. We ran a few errands and went to the Masaii Market. I'm pretty sure I got a decent deal on some banana leaf pictures. I also got a bag for the non-white person price. So I felt accomplished.

I was supposed to hang out with Cat and her family today, but unfortunately, Cat has classes today. She's working on her masters in business admin while working full time at the airport. She just started classes this past monday so she didn't know what her schedule was going to be.

So here I am in cyberland on a Saturday. I am going to list some random things I've noticed about Kenya:

-There are no traffic laws, everyone goes when they want. Stoplights are only suggestions.
-Kenyans do not yell for someone... they go find them.
-Kenyans talk verrry softly... almost like a whisper... so make sure you have a hearing aid if you're hard of hearing
-Walk like you know where you're going and no one bothers you
-The toilet handles are on the right side... arent toilet handles in america on the left?
-People hug each other on the right side and then the left... i'm still failing at that and almost kissing people
-don't be quick to judge people... your initial assumption is a cultural miscommunication
-everyone LOVES Barack Obama... you see a picture of him everywhere and you'd almost think that he's the president here
-Kenyans listen to Reggae, R&B, Rap, and Gospel... you will hear a variety of 70's, 80's and 90's music.
-People don't sit around adn feel sorry for themselves... they make do the best that they can.
-The children in the slums are no different than kids in the U.S.... they don't know how bad they live because they don't know it any different.
-Kenyans like their food bland... i've surprisingly grown to love cooked cabbage... its an aquired taste! The one thing that I'm looking forward to is a mocha from Starbucks (which luckily there is one in London) and a burger with cheese fries from Meat Heads. I also miss Mexican food. But to be honest, the food isn't too bad. I'm used to eating a lot of rice already, so eating it all the time is no big deal. They also have chips (french fries), so I'm not totally starved for American food...but its just different tasting.

I'm told that London increased their security measures with all flights heading to the U.S. They seemed pretty tight with security when my team went through there at the end of December. I tried looking at the London Heathrow website, but I didn't see much on there besides suggestions for traveling with less baggage.

Well, that's all I got... I'm assuming this is the last blog, but with Kenyan time, everything changes haha.

Goodbye for now!


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