Monday, January 18, 2010


Here are some recaps as to what I have been doing... but unfortunately, my days have been running together... so I'll just summarize it.

I was able to visit almost all of the teachers' homes who live in Kibera... the 2nd largest slum in the world. Kibera is like its own city... sans paved roads. There are 2 million people living there. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of it inside since I don't want to get my camera stolen. It's already bad enough walking there and being a white girl. I'm told that there are some white people that live there, but they are considered hard core. Kibera is actually much nicer than Mitumba.

The one thing that I've been lacking is faith that the same God who I know and have a relationship, also lives here in the slums of Kenya. One of the teachers prayed for me inside one of the homes and all we had was candlelight. Regardless of where I was, God showed up. I felt extremely comforted knowing that God not only takes care of me, but also these people.

I was able to meet up with Laurie's friend. Laurie and I went to school together. Laurie has been in Kenya twice and met Cat's family at a church she was serving in. I was able to meet Cat and her family yesterday. Her entire family works at the airport in the cargo section. They want me to visit again this Saturday. I got to eat dinner with her family... we watched a tv show called "Sakata"-- which is similar to America's "So you think you can dance?" program. It was very interesting to see Kenya's different dancing style. Their style is mostly foot stomping/tapping. I also helped invent a new dance called the Mosquito Dance. All you do is clap your hands alot in hopes of killing a mosquito.

For the past 3 days or so, I've been feeling very sick. Every night, I'll go to bed with a fever, chills, and achyness. I took anti-malaria tablets when we had the medical clinic about 2 weeks ago for future prevention. I'm currently taking paracetimol...which is Kenya's version of Tylenol. It may be malaria, but there's no point in taking more anti-malaria tablets, if I've already had it. Pastor Shadrack said he had the same thing last week and it was just fatigue, so he ordered me to take a day off today and rest up and see how i'm feeling tomorrow. If I'm still the same, then we will go to the doctor.

Shadrack plans to take me to Gong on Wednesday to take a look at the land for GOYA. I'm not sure what questions Jim tackled and I'm pretty sure that Jim took those questions back to the U.S.

It's getting really difficult knowing that I'm going to leave here in a week. I'm already depressed about it.

P.S. Mom and Dad: GOYA will be picking me up from the airport on tuesday, the 26th, but I will need to be picked up from the cybernautics studio in Normal. I think it will be later in the evening... around 8 or 9? Regardless, I'll call you once I get into the states.

Pray for my immune system and protection!



  1. Dear Stacy:
    Hope u are feeling better, malaria is no fun.

    Grandma had her hip operation on 1-14 and is fine. she is in the nursing home for a couple weeks

    Dad ended up with a pinched nerve in his back. Went to his doc in Peoria and received some meds. Dad go's for a mri wed, just to make sure. Bed rest is the prescription for the next 3 days.

    We miss u especially with all the HATTI news. Things look very dangerous over there.

    Be a missionary that survives.
    u don't help anyone if ur sick.

    Don't forget to donate your wardrobe to the Kenyan's, we don't need any African insects being brought home.

    dad would
    like to book a safari some day pick up some brochures.

    we don't need suvenoirs, just bring back lots of pictures

    See u on the 26th, don't get to tired or burned out.

    Love Mom and Dad.

  2. Hello from another corner of the world!

    Hope your Kenya experience opened your eyes to how big the world really is and thanked god that you were born in the greatest country in the world.

    Sounds like you had a little teaching experience of your own while you were over there.

    Too bad you couldnt make a stop in Korea on your way home. The rest of Sanghee's family would love to meet you Im sure.

    Our church runs missions to places in Kenya too, so maybe someday ill take a trip to that continent also.

    Hope you get home safe.

    Your Big Bro

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