Monday, January 18, 2010

Last team day update

Sorry Folks!

I forgot to mention that on our last team day, that we went to a baby elephant orphanage and we also went to a giraffe place where you get to feed them.

The baby elephants were taken from the wild. Their mothers either abandoned them or were killed from predators, or starvation. The babies are then revived back to full health in the orphanage and then they are released back into the wild when they are old enough to live on their own. They are usually taken to a national park to roam free.

After that, we went to a giraffe feeding place. They had 9 giraffes, but only one came up to us for the feeding. We stood on a tall deck so that we were eye to eye with Laura the giraffe. I got a picture hugging her... but unfortunately I can't upload photos until I get back to the states.

After that, our team went to Mitumba to say their goodbyes to the children and teachers.

We went back to the YMCA and I helped the team load their luggage into Peter's van. I said my goodbye to them as they drove to the airport. I later talked to April and she said that they had no troubles with their flights. Their flight pattern went from Nairobi to Paris to Chicago. They had time to see the Eiffel Tower... but unfortunately, they weren't able to go up it due to a routine maintenance.

They all made it home safely


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