Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Day in Kenya

We landed in Kenya after a fairly rough flight, and after a short delay in the Visa line we breezed right through customs without even a stop. We were met by Pastor Shadrack and Peter, the Driver just outside of the terminal. After brief Jambos and introductions we were taken to the awaiting van where we loaded all of our luggage (14 bags) that arrived on time and the only thing missing was a green strap that was on one of April's checked bags. She was rather unhappy about this(because the shifting of the supplies), but all things considered I think the travel was great. We arrived at the YMCA South C Hostel and I found the accommodations to be much more luxurious than I had expected. The bed is soft and clean and in a room with only one other bed (2 beds total) which I share with Jim. There is a private bathroom and a closet.
After we got settled and Peter ran our supplies to Mitumba, we met back up and received a tour of Nairobi. Peter took us to many places of interest in the city, and finally to the Nakumatt. The Nakumatt would be the equivalent of the Wal-mart back home. We were able to get large jugs of filtered water, as well as needed items to substitute meals if we were not able to get back to the YMCA in time for a meal. We also ate lunch at a restaurant attached to the Nakumatt. Peter took us back to the Y where we were all able to get in a nap until our evening meeting where we would go over the itinerary for our time here. After the meeting we went back to the room and none of us were very hungry for a meal from the restaurant, but we did have a PB&J before we went to bed.
All in all it was a nice first day to get acquainted with this city we will call home for the next two weeks. "I am just putting it out there!"
Keep the Faith,
Dr. Paul


  1. They lost our strap! Do they know how long it took to get it on there! I'm just so happy all of you and all of those supplies made it safely. God's blessings. I'm missing Mitumba!


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