Thursday, January 7, 2010

Asking for Team Prayer

We come before each and everyone of you and ask for prayer. This trip has been very challenging for each and everyone of us. We (Jim, Paul, April, and Stacy) are each here for different reasons. Some are for self-satisfaction, some are for humanitarian reasons, some are for the purpose of God, some are for undetermined reasons. This has really put a damper on this "team." We have not been a team of 4. We have been teams of 2. They have changed throughout the time. Sometimes is it Jim and Paul, Jim and April, April and Stacy, April and Paul, etc. But concerning the "team" we have not been a team of 4-Jim, April, Paul, and Stacy. We want this and we discussed this at dinner the other night. We all found it sad that we had not had one group picture yet. For the first time in 10 days we got a "group" picture, yesterday.
We pray that you each pray that we come together and not stand divided. We don't want to be divided. We understand that God has a plan for each and everyone of us, some more than others! We want to also see what God wants from us as a team of 4 Mzungus...
We tell you each this to not be ridiculed or called failures as a team but rather with humble hearts to say we need God to show us His plan for the four of us.
We were very fortunate enough yesterday to have a free day and we went to the base of Mount Killmanjaro to Lake Ambrosia. We laughed, we told jokes, we were relaxed, and we had a team photo. Please pray that this continues.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers. Each one of us needs and WE need it! Pray that there is more time in prayer, bible devotions, and God centered conversations.

Keep the Faith,
Dr. Jim, Dr. Marz, Dr. Paul, and Dr. Stacy

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