Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last blog from the states!

It's 12:30am, so please pardon my sleepiness!

This is my last message from the states! Sign up for the email updates on here! I probably wont be able to respond to individual emails while I'm out there.

SO i'm all packed! I was packing and unpacking and packing all day today. And then tonight our team had a packing party for the supplies.

First update on that... GOYA received a donation of 2 SEMI TRUCKLOADS FULL OF VITAMINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, since we are limited on how much we can take, we packed 30,000 pills. The rest will hopefully be shipped at another time or some will definitely be taken for the next trip in June. P.S. they are accepting applications for the June trip if you're interested in going!

We collected 232 sunglasses! A big thank you to Vine Community Church's youth program for donating 190 of them!

We are also bringing with us 100 bible bags, A handful of reader glasses donated by the Lions club, a bunch of medical supplies donated by the Bloomington Fire Department, and a bunch of newborn receiving blankets.

I'm really excited to be working with my team. All three of them are medically trained. 2 of which are firefighter EMT's. I can't remember what April does... sorry April! I think she works in a hospital though.

I got a little more information as to what I'll be doing my final 2 weeks there. I will be doing a lot of data collecting for the organization, since the board of directors can't be there. This includes searching for land to hopefully build a school. I will also be doing assessments and various other things.

Anyway, i'm super excited to see what God does out there! We are supposed to leave Bloomington tomorrow around noon and head up to Chicago. Our flight leaves in the evening. After that, we will be landing in London for a 12 hour layover. Wahoo! Then we will be on an 8-10 hour flight straight to Nairobi, Kenya. So I will be flying probably a total of 16 hours. Hopefully I will be sleeping on those flights!

Please keep me and the rest of the team in your prayers as we begin our clinic!

Thank you everyone for all of your love and support! This trip would not be made possible without it!!!



  1. Dear Stacy:
    Good Luck from Mom and Dad.

  2. Dear Team,

    I pray that you and all of your belongings have a safe arrival. May God bless your mission! Please say "hello" to everyone for me, as I am sad I cannot be there with you. Stacy, I will expecially be praying for you since you have to deal with April and all the stuff we packed for her :) (JK April, you know I love you!)Have a fabulous time and know you all can e-mail me anytime if you have medication questions.


    Kristi Stice

  3. Stacy text messaged us today Wed Dec 30
    They arrived with all bags.
    No travel Problems.
    Stacy's Mom and Dad