Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunglasses Drive

On the last medical trip that GOYA took, April (one of the team members who will be currently going on this trip) collected brand new shoes from payless shoes to give to the children. This year, April has a new challenge.

We take for granted the simple pleasure of shielding our eyes from the sun during the warmer months. Since the equator divides Kenya, Nairobi has increased UV light compared to the United States. Because of this, many people living in the slums can not afford sunglasses and have eye problems. This year, April would like to give sunglasses to the adults living in the slum. As we had our GOYA meeting last night, she pondered how she could find funding to give the adults sunglasses.

I immediately thought of how many people have supported me through my personal fundraising. I suggested to her that we have some type of fundraiser or collection. We all agreed that this would be a great idea. I told her that I would like to take it upon myself to set this up. I asked her how many pairs she would want and she said 600!!! I know that I personally can not get 600 pairs of brand new sunglasses, but I know that many of you could help me out!

Here's where you come in! I need volunteers to help spread the word about this and to help in the collection of BRAND NEW, adult sunglasses that must have UV ray protection (otherwise this defeats the purpose). If you're in Bloomington, then you can drop off new pairs at:

Cybernatic Studio
900 W. College Ave
Normal, IL 61761

Make sure you mention to the receptionist that they are for GOYA.

We will be collecting sunglass pairs until we leave for our trip on December 28th.

If you don't live in Bloomington, shoot me an email, and I'll tell you what to do at

Collection Idea:
If you work in retail, or some other type of place with high customer traffic, get creative!-(but first check with management that it's ok) Cut a hole in a shoebox and wrap it in holiday gift wrap. I'm sure you can go onto the GOYA webpage and print off their logo. Take some clip art of sunglasses and paste them onto the box. Make sure the box says somewhere that we are only collecting BRAND NEW adult sunglasses with UV protection labeled somewhere on them.

Your contributions will IMMEADIATELY affect these people... That's what I like about this trip, is that I will see people's lives change immediately while I'm there. I'll make sure to take pictures of people wearing the sunglasses while I'm out there!

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